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In this scenario sale of fuel efficient vehicles is predicted to rise at the same time this anticipation could prove very beneficial for stocks related to the production of such cars as they tend to perform better.Big companies like Toyota, Daimler, Renault and BMW and others plan to launch more models of electric and (plug in) hybrid cars. In addition the increased use of smart phones and the tablet computers (almost 107 million shipped in the last year world-wide) will lead to lithium's demand to climb up further. The Lithium ion batteries will further see an up gradation by being mixed with other metals (sodium, sulphur and zinc etc.) in certain combinations to increase the energy storage capacity of such modern batteries. These materials like zinc, lithium and similar commodities earn more in terms of practical usability than gold and silver that have higher market popularity.It has been calculated by the United States Geological survey (USGS) that lithium can store roughly three times more energy than its rival metals.Commodity analysts at Dahl man Rose estimate that this metal's global consumption will double by the year 2020 to approximately 300000 metric tons a year. Lithium demand could grow at 10 - 15% a year in the near term according to the CEO Peter Oliver at Talison, a top producing company of this metal. Other companies such as Rockwood holdings, FMC and Sociedad Quimicay Minera (claiming 21% of global share) control majority of this metal's world production. A big player in the mining world is Rio Tinto that plans to enter lithium production by starting a new mine in Serbia.This metal turns out to be indeed a lucrative investment option. Though physical ownership is not possible but the investors can buy stocks of firms involved in some facet of the metal's production or else purchase a Lithium ETF can exposes one to a basket of producers (engaged in mining, exploration or lithium ion battery production). Time to track the Micro Miners is back as more than handful of good small cap mining companies' share prices seems to be nearing their bottomed out prices. The precious metal market barring silver may most likely undergo some more shedding in the near future, although the long term upward trend for Gold, Platinum and Silver stays intact as per most commodity trackers. The biggest plus for this asset class is the Merger and Acquisition activity, where the smaller players have historically always reaped bigger benefit while getting acquired; naturally equity investors in these companies are the real winners with double digit gains.An interesting way to invest in Junior Mining Companies is via the ETFs that are bound to a valid benchmark and have often beaten the markets and the commodity itself in terms of cumulative returns. The Indices which showcase a close to hundred stocks listed globally, enable investors to bet on most popular commodities in one sling shot, although a larger bet is on the popular commodities like Coal and Copper that make up for standard allocations of close to 50% for most, the industry staple Iron and evergreen precious metals Gold and Silver are also a major constituent. Other metals collectively account for close to 20% - 25% depending on the key strategy.Vis-a-Vis Senior Miners, micro miners are more volatile but integral to portfolios that are long on commodities. The high risk high reward character of the small capitalization mining stocks aids in a better return on investment, however the exposure and entry must be under advisory supervision and a ratio of 70:30 seems optimum as senior anchorage is a must amid the choppy trades.Portfolio diversity enhances with Market Traded products. In contrast to the direct equity investments, diversification is much vast and from around the globe. Although company wise research work and study is good but not mandatory with ETFs as the allocation is uniform and wide spread, hence risks due to company wise downside or a Geo political reason are heavily discounted due a standardized asset pattern. Additional these are fairly liquid capital vehicles and even present shorting and intraday options, when respective commodities are in a rally mode. The trade is conducted during normal market hours unlike the Mutual Funds, prices are on spot as against to the NAVs which come with a 24 hour lapse and trading volumes too, are good enough, even for panic sellers. Mexico is in a era of financial growth where the government is going out of its way to assist Mexican Business and discover new opportunities for well balanced growth. For a business looking to transfer production into Mexico or seeking to take advantage of foreign investment, the possibilities have never been more positive. This cautiously developed growth and government aid has considerably changed the industry resources of Mexico as technology and education turn out to be a point for continuing this expansion in the appropriate direction. If you are interested in the opportunities of this business, discover more on principles such as Industrial Policy, Trade Facilitation, and Foreign Trade.Industrial PolicyMexico has adopted a very specific industrial strategy that will help the growth of any company as it pursues manufacturing possibilities inside the nation. The key guidelines are to strengthen elements like the domestic market to match the foreign market, strengthen nascent industries, improve innovation, proceed technology improvement and build organized control at each and every level. This shall all work towards improving the possibilities of organizations working inside the Mexican Business while marketing continuous and orderly growth.Trade FacilitationOne of the larger expenditures of any business operating on a worldwide scale can be seen with trade costs on a national and foreign phase. To assist in the continued growth of Mexican Industry, the country is improving trade facilitation by simplifying tariff requirements along with lowering expenses for products entering and leaving the nation. This will save a company a significant amount of cash as it decreases unwanted expenses to access clients around the globe. This will also assist growing businesses trying to compete in a global market-place while having limited capital to depend on. Foreign TradeThe third concept to assist perk up Mexican Industry is discovered with foreign trade policy. While selling diamonds the buyer follows different procedures to determine the value and quality of the diamonds. Many times it happens that different buyers quote different sale value. However, if you have to sell your diamond jewelries or loose diamonds the first thing you need to do is determine the value of your diamond and the amount you can rightfully claim as per current market prices. You should get your diamond evaluated from a reputed diamond dealer in your city. Diamond merchants or big stores selling diamond jewelries have several technologies that are apt in assessing the purity, strength and rarity of a diamond. Once you are sure about the value, you can try finding a buyer who is ready to pay a fair price that may be a bit higher or lower than the actual market value. How To Sell Diamonds Or Gold For Quick Cash If you are in some sort of grave financial trouble, assets like gold and diamonds can get you some instant cash. At a fairly short notice getting a huge amount as loan or borrowing is not at all practical. This is perhaps the reason why there is so much demand for quick gold loans and instant gold or diamond dealers. Since the amount of money involved is more, the whole process is a bit lengthy and formal. Authentication of the gold, estimation of the gold, the current value of gold etc are some of the many features that come into play when you decide to sell your gold. Gold prices have been escalating since many years now and it is a good time to save gold. But if you want cash in exchange for your gold, then there are many ways in which you can sell it. With increasing gold prices, people will be flocking to buy your gold. You just have to keep in mind what the best seller is and what is the best price that you should get. There are many clubs and organizations of gold which form groups of gold purchasers and sellers. When most individuals consider the opportunities surrounding Mexico they often view this nation as an ultimate place for spending a vacation. The several different attractions of seashores, jungles, ancient ruins and exotic foods all appeal to a wide variety of tourists. However, once you return from your outstanding trip, you have to begin to look into the economical opportunities which may exist with expanding your business into this country. From this resource you shall be able to take advantage of a growing economy in addition to the possibilities which exist with international trade.Mexico's EconomyOver the last four decades the Mexican administration has taken an effective role in finding ways to improve its financial system through international trade and production. To accomplish this objective the officers responsible for trade increased technology needs for production, improved educational institutions and lowered tariff rates. This all worked to assist inspire foreign investment that is enhancing economic results.Trade in MexicoFor a business, Mexico gives one of the biggest locations for establishing production and trade. Centrally situated on the Earth, this nation offers direct access to the United States and South America while also offering clear waterways to leading economies like Europe and Asia. With lower tariffs and reduced production expenses, the unique worldwide trade possibilities of Mexico are best for a business to access.OpportunityWhen looking into the possibilities available through Mexico the most well known solutions are seen with production in the nation or expansion of your company locations. Both possibilities provide a business owner different benefits and while combined can be even more advantageous. The way you approach these opportunities will assist you to lay the foundation of a global firm you can then pursue as detailed in the Trade in Mexico section. We have often heard from the press that national debt of the United States is now surpassing $16.5 trillion as well as all of the US liabilities at the moment are near $100 trillion. Exactly how much and just how large is a trillion dollars? Actually, I can't picture exactly how big is the amount is... However, I came across very interesting data of the way to measure the trillion. In this blog, Let me share and illustrate how huge is the trillion bucks in a number of different angles.Figures Many people oftentimes see trillion in numerical numbers but then let me compare with other numbers:Thousand = 1,000Million = 1,000,000Billion = 1,000,000,000Trillion = 1,000,000,000,000Out of this, trillion seems to be large figure nonetheless I am guessing lots of people are not understanding how huge is this figure. And so, let's calculate for how long does it require in order to count every denomination for $1 for each second.The amount of time does it take to finish counting Thousand dollars = 1000 second = 16.67 minMillion dollars = Million Second = 16,666.67 min = 277.78 hours = 11.5 daysBillion dollars = Billion Second = 16666666.7 min = 277777.8 Hours = 31.7 yearsTrillion dollars = Trillion second = 16666666667 min = 277777778 Hours = 31709 yearsBy $1 Per second, it should take 31,709 years to eventually complete counting trillion bucks. Wow, you must be quite healthy as well as energetic so that you can complete counting trillion dollars... Anyways, let's evaluate distance perspective.Exactly how much distance pile of trillion dollars require us? Selective investments in highest income etf have outshined the bond markets with their 2012 net yield of +7%, interestingly the most bona fide benchmark of all; S & P Index managed to churn out a meager 2.4 % of dividend yield during the same year. The higher dependence of these funds on the mid-caps even present long term value growth opportunities, which are completely absent when investing in bond and other debt instruments.Not so long ago when investing in Govt. bonds and similar options of fixed income were good enough to create a sizable retirement corpus, investors never in their wildest dreams anticipated returns so low. The US bond markets have shrunk further in 2012 and participants aiming to generate regular income at the cost of low risks must diversify their portfolio with the broader markets in general and Equity Traded Products in particular. The highest income ETFs are built around an asset pool where the clear focus is on better dividend payments and a regular income yield that is higher than the bonds.As per Bank of America' [BofA] reports, the US Thirty year bond market contracted close to 5% in the past twelve months. Since this asset is a true depiction of consumables and their pricing dynamics over a long term thus the reduction indicates a clear inverse relationship between the inflation figures and the bond yields in general.

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